Production Staff, local food company

by Everreal

Position Type: Part-time
Location: London, ON
Date Posted: Jun 08, 2020
Experience: 1 Year
Education: High School Diploma

Job Description

We are looking for motivated, responsible, self-starters who are comfortable and enthusiastic about working in a food production environment. All positions are part-time dependent on production requirements; anticipated schedule would be 4-5 shifts per week, each 4-6 hours. Availability Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.

- all tasks to be performed following safe food handling practices (NB: Food Handler Training Certificate required)
- setup, operation, and shutdown of equipment and work space in accordance with company's HACCP program (food safety)
- interact cooperatively and productively with other staff
- effective communication with Production Manager regarding issues or concerns


- Pour liquid batch into molds, place into machine in series for freezing
- Remove molds once frozen, extract ice pops and dump into bin for packaging staff
- Refill molds in series to ensure continuous production during shift
- Clean-up of dishes, equipment, surfaces used during production
- Must be comfortable lifting 40 lbs

- Collect ice pops from Production, align pops in sealer, test representative sample to ensure proper seal
- Pack packaged pops into appropriate secondary packaging (multipack cartons, single sleeves) ensuring transfer of correct Lot #, Best Before date
- Prepare case boxes of cartons/sleeves ensuring transference of correct Lot #, Best Before date
- Clean-up of dishes, equipment, surfaces used during production

Please respond with cover letter, resume and availability to


Everreal is a local food start-up that makes refreshing, flavourful treats known as Real Pops, and has launched their second product, Real Sips, for summer 2020.

Everreal started with a “What if ?” What if we could create natural, organic products that didn’t compromise on flavour? It would require extra effort – like sourcing only fresh, whole ingredients, processing in small batches, and locking in flavour with flash freezing and in-house brewing – but the payoff would be worth it. Today, Real Pops are a favourite among anyone in on the secret that healthy can be tasty. From our humble operations in London, Ontario to wherever you call home, we hope you enjoy every last bite!

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Job Location

London, ON

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