Payroll & Compensation Specialist

Position Type: Full-time
Date Posted: Mar 13, 2020
Experience: 4 Years
Education: High School Diploma

Job Description

Payroll & Compensation Specialist

Job Purpose:

The Payroll & Compensation Specialist will provide support to the Human Resources Department by compiling, maintaining and processing information relating to all Payroll, Benefits and other Human Resources functions.

Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Temporary employee timesheets
  • Compile payroll data such as hours worked, taxes, pension and other records
  • Pro-rate expenses to be debited or credited to each department for cost accounting records
  • Review wages computed and correct errors to ensure accuracy of payroll.
  • Record changes affecting net wages such as exemptions, insurance coverage, and loan payments for each employee to update master payroll records.
  • Liaison with ADP for programing and on-going surveillance
  • Record data concerning transfer of employees between departments
  • Coordinate and maintain all benefits and payroll files and support to HRIS/ Plex system.
  • Reconciliation of monthly Benefit / Pension statements
  • Pension / Profit Sharing administration duties
  • Enter data into computer files, or compute wages and deductions and post to payroll records.
  • Responsible for all year end reconciliation, other payroll reports (monthly/weekly/annually)
  • Responsible for all employee files management and relevant records keeping
  • Prepare and issue pay cheques/ ROE/FRO/ Court deductions (other garnishments
  • 4+ years' payroll experience or equivalent
  • Post-Secondary education considered an asset
  • Computer efficiency skills in Word, Excel, Power Point, and data bases as required 
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