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Client Services Associate - Volunteers (paid position working with volunteers)

by Meals on Wheels London

Position Type: Full-time
Location: London, ON
Date Posted: May 18, 2023
Experience: 2 Years
Education: College Diploma (2 years)
Meals on Wheels London

Job Description

Client Services Associate - Volunteers
This is a temporary role for one year from the start date with a possibility of renewal.

Deadline to Apply is June 9th

To apply email resume and cover letter to 
Position Title: Client Services Associate - Volunteers
Reports to: Manager of Client Services
Job Status: Full-Time Hours of Work: 37.5 hrs/wk  
Location: City of London
Effective Date: May 15th, 2023    
The Client Services Associate - Volunteers is responsible for the effective and efficient delivery of volunteer services for Meals on Wheels London.  The recruitment, selection, placement, orientation and training, supervision and performance evaluation of volunteers are the primary functions of this position.  The Client Services Associate - Volunteers facilitates volunteer recognition.  The Client Services Associate - Volunteers works extensively with the Standard Meal and Frozen Meal and Transportation Volunteer Programs to ensure their effective operations.
This role does require access and use of a vehicle.

The key responsibilities of the Client Services Associate - Volunteers comprise the following:

3.1 Resource to the Manager of Client Service

      (i)   report to the Manager of Client Services on any applicable community trends that will influence the overall performance of volunteer services; and
     (ii)   prepare any background or program information as required by the Manager of Client Services.

3.2      Compliance with Applicable Legislation, Regulations, Contractual Obligations and Organizational Policies and Procedures

      (i)   ensure compliance with applicable legislation, regulations and contractual obligations pertaining to the delivery of volunteer services for Meals on Wheels London;
     (ii)   ensure compliance with the organizational policies and procedures of the organization; and
    (iii)   inform the Manager of Client Services of any areas of non-compliance with legislation, regulations and/or organizational policy and procedures, and funder contractual obligations.

3.3      Risk Management

      (i)   inform the Manager of Client Service of situations that could create potential risk and liabilities for Meals on Wheels London; and

3.4      Volunteer Services Planning and Priorities

      (i)   determine in collaboration with the Manager of Client Services the annual priorities for volunteer services within the context of the strategic plan for the organization.

3.5      Volunteer Services Need

      (i)   Meet with the Client Services Manager, at a minimum monthly, to assess volunteer needs.
     (ii)   Coordinate with staff, in particular, Community Development Liaison to examine and enact methods for needed recruitment.

3.6      Volunteer Services Coordination

      (i)   develop and implement a volunteer recruitment plan;
     (ii)   respond to inquiries from potential volunteer candidates in a timely manner;
    (iii)   screen potential volunteer candidates by reviewing applications/resumes received, conduct an interview and reference check and ensure a satisfactory Police Reference Check for the Vulnerable Sector is obtained;
    (iv)   ensure a description of volunteer duties is developed and reviewed with new volunteers;
    (v)   develop a volunteer orientation and training plan and orientate all new volunteers;
    (vi)   monitor the performance of volunteers and address any areas that require improvement;
   (vii)   facilitate ongoing learning opportunities and an annual training session for volunteers; 
  (viii)   develop and implement volunteer recognition plan and activities;
    (ix)   coordinate the Standard Meal Volunteer including a daily review of route sheets, confirmation of drivers, use of spare volunteer drivers and route combination and;
     (x)   coordinate the Frozen Meal Volunteer Program including volunteer pick-up and distribution of frozen meals, weekly confirmation of drivers, securing spare drivers as required and review route sheets to determine any needed changes; 
(xi)develop and maintain efficient and effective routing for Meals on Wheels London rmeal programs.
   (xiI)   coordinate the Transportation Volunteer Program by ensuring schedules are confirmed;
   (xiiI)   ensure volunteer complaints are responded to in an effective and timely manner;
  (xix)   recommend the termination of any volunteer to Manager of Clients Services, when required and implement any required action.
  (xx)annual audit of volunteer files; as well as annually survey of volunteers in each MOWL program;
(xxI) ensure that all volunteer files are up to date and accurate in MOWL client and volunteer management system, record all notes and interactions with volunteers and/or clients,

3.7      Volunteer Services Program Budget

      (i)   monitor, provide input, and adhere to the approved volunteer services program budget.

3.8      Information Protocols and Systems

      (i)   follow established organizational protocols are followed to ensure that personal information of volunteers is protected and safeguarded according to applicable privacy legislation and regulations;
     (ii)   provide oversight on the overall quality and accuracy of any applicable data collection in relation to volunteer services; and
    (iii)   compile program data and metrics reports in relation to volunteer information based on a schedule developed in collaboration with the Manager of Client Service.

3.9      Health and Safety

      (i)   ensure that appropriate and safe working conditions exist to enable volunteers to carry out their duties;
     (ii)   take initiative, when required, to identify and address any health and safety issues; and
    (iii)   advise the Community and Program Development Manager of any health and safety issues that require a broader organizational response.

3.10    Communications

      (i)   maintain regular communications with volunteers and applicable community partners; 
  (ii)   create a maintain volunteer contact lists for emails communication regarding MOWL updates, volunteer service trainings, requirements and other needed communications related to volunteer duties.
     (ii)   develop and produce volunteer services promotional materials, handbook, and information bulletins
    (iii)   implement the Crisis Communication Plan as directed by the Manager of Client Services; and
    (iv)   attend staff meetings, as required.

3.11    Community Relations 

      (i)   build partnerships with any applicable community partners, when required; and
     (ii)   act as an ambassador for Meals on Wheels London to foster a positive reputation and protect the integrity of the organization.
     (iii) reach out to the community regarding volunteer needs by connecting with various organizations and working with the Community Development Liaison on marketing initiatives. This can include but is not limited to: volunteer postings, social media, presentations etc.

3.12    Representation of the Organization

      (i)   represent Meals on Wheels London in external meetings as assigned by the Manager of Client Services. 
     (ii)   network withing the community for information and best practices.

3.13    Other Duties

(I) Reassigning volunteer drivers in Volunteer and Client management system to ensure accurate reimbursements.
(ii) Finding spares for last minute changes to volunteer routes
(iii) Plan all volunteer appreciation events and communications
(iv) Calling food box clients 
(v) Assist with and/or conduct transportation clients confirmation calls
(vi) Keeping all documents updated in general drive in the event of their absence so other staff can fill in.
(vii) Attending volunteer networking groups as needed
The Client Services Manager delegates authority to the Client Services Associate - Volunteers to:
      (i)   provide leadership and manage their responsibilities within the established program policies, priorities and outcomes; 
     (ii)   coordinate volunteer services in an effective and efficient manner; and
    (iii)   interpret and implement the policies and procedures of the organization.
The Client Services Associate - Volunteers is accountable to the Client Services Manager to:
      (i)   exercise leadership to carry out job responsibilities;
     (ii)   ensure that any applicable legislation, regulations, contractual obligations and the policies and procedures of the organization are not violated;
    (iii)   ensure that volunteer services are delivered within the approved budget;
    (iv)   ensure that volunteers have the proper support, supervision, orientation and training to carry out their responsibilities;
    (v)   ensure a safe, healthy and productive environment for volunteers;
    (vi)   maintain a harmonious working relationship with volunteers, employees and any applicable community partners;
   (vii)   provide reliable and timely information on volunteer services, as required;
   (vii)   ensure that the organization is perceived by the community in a positive manner; and
    (ix)   minimize any risks and legal liabilities for the organization.
The minimum qualifications for the Client Services Associate - Volunteers position are as follows:

6.1      Educational Requirements

      (i)   University Degree or College Diploma in human services or a related field.

6.2      Experience, Knowledge and Skill Requirements

      (i)   three (3) years professional experience in volunteer services, health care and/or community sectors;
     (ii)   experience working with a non-profit organization;
    (iii)   understanding of the community and social services sectors in London-Middlesex;
    (iv)   knowledge of applicable legislation and regulations, to carry out job responsibilities;
    (v)   knowledge and skill to provide professional expertise and 
guidance to volunteers;

    (vi)   excellent written and verbal communication skills;
   (vii)   effective and well-developed interpersonal skills;
  (viii)   requisite computer literacy level to fulfill the responsibilities of the Client Services Associate - Volunteers position;
    (ix)   experience in program planning, development and evaluation;
     (x)   confident and consistent decision-making skills;
    (xi)   resourcefulness and flexibility to meet the needs and the demands of the position;
   (xii)   ability to work independently and as a team member to achieve outcomes and meet deadlines; and
   (xiii)   ability to focus on established priorities.

6.3      Competencies and Judgment

Demonstrated competence and good judgment to:
      (i)   coordinate volunteer services in an ever-changing environment;
     (ii)   use professional judgment on a daily basis;
    (iii)   handle emergencies, crises and hostile behavior;
    (iv)   maintain control in difficult and frustrating situations;
    (v)   accommodate competing demands;
    (vi)   make effective group presentations; and
   (vii)   maintain confidentiality.

6.4      Effort (Physical and Mental)

      (i)   physically able to set-up and take down for events;
     (ii)   able to assist volunteers with taking bags to vehicles; and
    (iii)   can manage stress related to the achievement of organizational performance goals and deadlines.

The Client Services Associate - Volunteers will maintain regular contact with the following:
      (i)   Client Services Manager;
     (ii)   directly supervised volunteers; and
    (iii)   applicable community partner organizations.

The working conditions for the Client Services Associate - Volunteers are as follows:
      (i)   work is generally performed in office and community settings;
     (ii)   work hours occasionally require flexibility; and
    (iii)   work involves regular driving assignments.

Specific employment conditions of the Client Services Associate - Volunteers include the following:
      (i)   valid Ontario Driver’s Licence, insurance and reliable transportation; and
     (ii)   satisfactory Police Reference Check for the Vulnerable Sector.

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