Construction Project Coordinator

by P.H. RENOS Inc.

Position Type: Full-time
Location: London, ON
Date Posted: Aug 04, 2022
Experience: 1 Year
Education: College Diploma (2 years)

Job Description

  • Prepare quotes, track and monitor progress as per sales representative
  • Source best pricing and order materials and sub trades
  • Work with Project Manager to oversee job…
    • Adhere to timelines and deliverables
    • Communicate plans, actions, risks and issues with management, work crew and customer
    • Resolve any issues that may arise during the project
  • Manage day to day activities with Project Manager
  • Maintain…
    • documentation for project beginning to end
    • a progress report for management and customer
    • relationships with management, work crew and customer
    • accurate and up-to-date shop drawings, track the status of Request for Information (RFIs) and change orders, inform customer of change orders
  • Coordinate meetings between Subcontractors and Consultants to resolve any issues that may exist; monitor and follow up for response in a timely manner
  • Work alongside and regularly communicates with management, architects, contractors and engineers
  • Review, interpret and update construction schedules
  • Conduct quality control activities, inspection programs and periodic updating of construction progress records
  • May be delegated the responsibility to directly manage one or multiple Subcontractors or specific portion of a project
  • Ensure employees and sites are using proper PPE and Signage
  • Source new work through the London District Construction Association and other applications

Construction Experience – commercial and residential
Construction Education background preferred