Facility Attendant

by YMCA of Southwestern Ontario

Position Type: Part-time
Location: London, ON
Date Posted: Sep 15, 2023
Experience: 1 Year
Education: High School Diploma
YMCA of Southwestern Ontario
YMCA of Southwestern Ontario

Job Description

  • YMCA of Southwestern Ontario policy and procedures. 

  • Act as a YMCA ambassador, demonstrating YMCA core values in your daily work. 

  • Carry out all cleaning tasks as assigned in members’ space, back-of-house spaces and exterior spaces. 

  • Identify efficient methods and products to be used in the course of carrying out routine cleaning tasks to ensure desired results. 

  • Physical requirements related to lifting weight in excess of 20 pounds, i.e. furniture to access areas that are not cleaned regularly, clutter, garbage removal, etc. 

  • Consistently work towards meeting and exceeding standards as defined by the YMCA: Priority S.A.M. evaluation program. 

  • Operation of vacuums, floor polishers, and regular use of various chemical cleaning agents. 

  • Cleaning responsibilities are limited primarily to indoors, however, cleaners are expected to assist with outdoor seasonal tasks, garbage removal and grounds keeping duties as required. 

  • Incumbent is required to be highly mobile, must be circulating throughout building, little time to rest. 

  • Majority of the job is done while standing. 

  • Any Duties assign to you by your supervisor. 

Application Contact Information

Company Name:   YMCA of Southwestern Ontario
Contact Name:   Jiji Thomas - Supervisor Facility Services
Telephone:   519-907-5500 (2410)
Email Address:   jiji.thomas@swo.ymca.ca
Company Website: https://www.ymcaswo.ca

YMCA of Southwestern Ontario