Why Update your Resume?

  • May 13, 2010
  • Amanda Wencel
  • Resume tips

Why Update your Resume?


For many people, a resume is just something to throw together last minute when applying for a new job.  Often resumes are written in haste when individuals are laid off or an incident flares up at work. Emotions and urgency to find another job is high and not enough focus is spent on creating that strong, personalized marketing resume.


Whether you create your resume yourself, or have a professional write one for you, you should continuously update your resume and keep it a current document.  This means that at any given time, when you need one, it is ready to go with your most recent experience, accomplishments and skills.


It doesn’t pay to be reactive rather than proactive!  As we are in uncertain economic times, the term “security” just doesn’t exist anymore.  No matter how much you like your current job, one should always consider what they would do if they needed to change quickly.  Companies shift products, downsize and merge all the time.  As an employee when you are in the thick of these stressful changes it’s difficult to focus on what you need to say in a resume to positively promote yourself to a new employer.


The resume world is constantly changing.  Consultants, Strategists and Career Transition Specialists are always researching new trends in what employers are looking for in a candidate, how they process resumes and select candidates for interviews.  In order to stay ahead and be prepared to beat out heavy competition, it’s important to follow what is happening with style, format and content changes.


What should you update?

·         When you research resume trends, it’s always a good idea to align yourself with what employers are looking for.  Having a clear and well thought out profile, a strong key results section and a comprehensive experience list will ensure that you can show what makes you a good candidate for any position.

·         If you move or change phone numbers, ensure that you are always updating that contact information as you don’t want to miss out by being unreachable.

·         Any time you change jobs, position within a company or take on a new responsibility, you should update your experience list.

·         Any new courses, programs, computer applications or training that you have taken should be added as they are completed.

·         Lastly, as you are leading new projects, developing new products, accomplishing new collaborative efforts, you should make note of these on your resume.  It’s very hard to detail all of the things we do in our positions, especially those larger accomplishments that will draw a new employer to you as a candidate.  If you make note of those key results as you go, in a pinch, you won’t have to worry about trying to remember all of those projects you worked on or groups that you led, it will be ready for you.


Just as you would change your hairstyle in order to boost your confidence or stay knowledgeable on financial market trends to ensure financial confidence; you should update your resume to maintain employment confidence. \


Amanda Wencel

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